Application For Admission

入学申请表格 Application For Admission

个人资料 (请用中文/英文正楷填写)
Personal Background (Please complete this form in Chinese or English block letters)

学员健康报告 Student Self-assessment of Health

1. 我们主要关心的是我们学生的健康和安全。 由于作为我们学院学生的独特情况,任何身体,情感或行为条件(感知或确认)都必须披露,以确保我们能够提供适当的课程。

Our primary concern is the health and safety of all our students. Due to the unique situation of our students, it is important that any physical, emotional or behavioural conditions (perceived or diagnosed) be disclosed so that we can ensure and be prepared to offer the best possible and appropriate programme to each student.

请注意 :

Please note:
Failure (intentionally or unintentionally) to disclose the above information or any other information which may affect our programmes may result in immediate expulsion Celebre Image Designer Academy.


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