Higher Diploma in Image Design and Fashion Styling (UK)

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Our cooperation with these universities and institutes of higher learning in UK allow our students the golden opportunity to experience the best exposures of both local and foreign education in their quest to become a recognised professional in image consulting and its related fields.


Our courses hones the talent and passion of every student that pass through our doors. Students enjoy the rare opportunity and prospect to take a leap in the world of image consulting, fashion and styling through learning with designers, stylists, make-up designers, visual experts, fashion experts or image consultants who are competent and experienced.


All programmes involve classroom and workshop training conducted by industry experts to give students the experience of what lies ahead. At the same time, internships provide the opportunity to understand the workings of live projects or real persons. Curriculum is vibrant and exciting as it is based on current and evolving needs of the market, industry and people in it.


Our updated teaching methodologies are all holistically designed to maintain a balance between theory and practical knowledge. This includes hands-on approach through lectures, guest speakers, visual reference, off-site projects, etc. will definitely open up a whole new world to students.


Upon completion of the course, students will receive a Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia, TQUK Higher Diploma from UK, a Certificate of Completion in course module/curriculum, a certificate on optional modules as well as 2 technical certificates.

First Year 
  1. Facial Aesthetics
  2. Facial Make-up
  3. Bridal Make-up
  4. Stage Make-up
  5. Creative Make-up
  6. Fantasy Make-up
  7. Fashion Hairstyling
  8. Bridal Hairstyling
  9. Stage Hairstyling
  10. Creative Hairstyling
  11. Body Painting
  12. Bridal Jewellery Design
  13. Bridal Overall Styling
  14. Stage Character Styling
  15. Advertising Photography Design
  16. Fantasy Charater Design
  17. Public Performance (1)
Second Year 
  1. Skill in Image Design & Colour Diagnostic
  2. Application & Usage of Image Design and Colour Matching
  3. Image Consulting Skills in Style & Application Diagnostic
  4. Image Consulting Skills in Matching & Use
  5. Image Consulting Skills in Clothing Guide
  6. Element of Constant Change in Image Designing
  7. Image Designing in Clothing
  8. Skincare
  9. Manicure
  10. Social Media Video Editing
  11. Colour Psychology
  12. Human Resource Management
  13. Enterprising Skills in Fashion
  14. Consumer Behavioural Development
  15. Creative Brand Management
  16. Public Performance (2)

  1. All matters not mentioned in this course form shall be handled in accordance with the school's curriculum and relevant courses
  2. Celebre Image reserves the right to make any transfers or arrangements before and after courses commerce, as need arises





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