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I think I have a sense for fashion and am fashionable. Why do I need to take professional training courses to become an image consultant?
Well, if you are serious about an image consulting career, make sure you really learn professionally all you need to know to benefit not only your clients but also yourself.  A recognised professional qualification will help in the long run. This is where Célèbre Image supports you to develop your skills further. Célèbre Image is prepared to become your partner in career success. 
I cannot afford to pay the fees in one lump sum. Are there any alternatives?
We have designed special fee structures for students that wish to have alternate payment methods. Just give us a call or come in personally for a no-obligation consultation to discuss with our team of professionals on how best we can support each other.  
Can I get career support upon graduation?
On a case to case basis, we do assist students in their career after graduation such as recommendations to industry players or our associates.  If required, we also provide recommendation for students to perform part-time training from our approved list of partners. 
Is it possible to be a successful image consultant? Yes you can. Gone are the days when image consultants were perceived as mere make-up artists from school drop-outs. Success in this line is a combination of dreams coupled with perseverance and diligence. The field is wide-ranging and does not limit to image consulting alone. There are vast related fields which graduates can explore. From consultants to buyers, designers, stylist, planners, personal shoppers, makeover aficionados, etc. the industry is always in need for new talent.  All these will be taught in our courses too. 
Do I need to have specific skills or talent to become an image consultant?
Most basic of all is a desire to make people feel good about themselves and your own passion for the fashion industry.
Do I need to be good with colours, styles or designs to become an image consultant?
It helps to have these ‘bonus’ traits as well as a good eye for colour or a sense of style. However, these skills can also be learned and built. Célèbre Image’s courses are designed with good fundamentals and methodologies to enable students a stronger ability to learn all aspects of image consulting. 
Do I have to take many tests or examinations?
Not exactly. Students will be involved in many interactive sessions that promote discovery of individual talents and approaches; bearing in mind that image is a nontangible idea that requires personal commitment and passion. Remember, your enthusiasm and desire to build a career professionally are more valuable 
Is an image consultant somewhat near what a stylist does?
A stylist creates specific image or look for an event or specific function. Image consultant, on the other hand, helps individuals to consistently look their best by studying, analysing and taking into consideration their tastes, preferences, lifestyles or budgetary concerns to come up with an ‘image’ best for them. 
Who will be my trainers or instructors?
All our trainers have undergone the necessary training and validation to teach.  They are experts in their areas of specialisation. As and when need arises, we also invite guest speakers or trainers to share their industry knowledge with our students and enable our students to participate in off-site training too. 
I have no prior image consulting experience. I also have not taken any courses or training at all. Am I qualified to start on your courses?
Célèbre Image’s courses are designed for all regardless beginners or those with basic knowledge.  Call or email us today and we will be glad to provide further advice and consultation. 
How much can I earn as an image consultant?
The earning power of an image consultant usually depends of the level of experience and expertise, credibility, services offered, clientele, etc. Borderless communication and economy, rising affluence and the influence of pop culture are enabling more open opportunities for image consultants. 

If you have any other questions or doubts that are not answered or explained in this section, please drop by at our academy or e-mail us at celebreimage@hotmail.com


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