Hostel Application Form

学员住宿申请表 Hostel Application Form

注意事项 Rules & Regulations 

  1. 學生於申請進住學生宿舍前,應預先瞭解宿舍一切規定;住宿期間有義務及責任遵守宿舍相關規定,並參與宿舍各項活動。
    Before application for hostel stay, all students must understand all the rules and regulations of hostel stay obey them at all times. It is the duty and responsibility of each student to comply with the relevant provisions of the dormitory as well as participate in hostel activities.
  2. 宿舍分配以戶籍所在地距離學校遠近方式依序分配,設籍時間應於當地住滿六個月以上。
    Dormitories are assigned according to the distance between the registered house address and the school. Period of residence should be at least six months and above.
  3. 曾經登記有不良紀錄者,例如重大違規項目,將被拒绝住宿申請。 Students with prior bad records are disqualified from lodging application.
    • 保證金(包含於住宿費內)退費方式為:
      • 繼續申請住宿者於下學期開學第二週退還(未參與封舍者不予退還)。
      • 未續住宿者於本學期期末封舍完成後退還。
    • All deposit (included in the lodging expenses) will be returned under the following conditions:
      • Students who continue to say at the dormitory may return the money on the second week of the next semester. This excludes those who do not clean up their dormitory.
      • Students who wish to discontinue their stay may collect their deposit at the end of the semester.
  4. 患有特殊病況:如傳染病或精神疾病,經醫師診斷不宜住校者,請勿申請宿舍。
    Special students should complete and deliver the application form to the housing centre before the closing date. Students inflicted with illnesses such as infectious diseases and neurosis (upon doctor's diagnosis) are not qualified for lodging application.
  5. 住宿生應於註冊時,完成宿舍費用繳費等註冊事宜;並應於正式上課後一週內(含假日)遷入宿舍,否則予以取消床位。
    Students must pay the lodging fees and other expenses during registration and move into the dormitory within one week (holidays and weekends included) after class attendance. otherwise the lodging application will be cancelled.
  6. 同學申請住宿、床位經排定後,非特殊因素(休、退、轉學),欲辦理退宿者,依據宿舍管理輔導辦法,不得要求退還住宿保證金。
    As per the Dormitory Management regulations, students will not be qualified for any deposit reimbursement after they assigned their respective beds, except for special cases such as temporary leave, school leave or school transfer).
  7. 本校學生宿舍基於安全考量,有門禁管制;每晚十一時起至翌日凌晨六時實施。
    For security purposes, there is access control at dormitory. Students are not allowed to leave the dormitory building from 11.00pm until 6.00am the next day.
  8. 學生宿舍所有規定,請參考學生宿舍规则。
    Students can refer to the homepage of the housing centre for all other regulations regarding dormitory stay.


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