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Furnishing the foundation for a rewarding and fulfilling life career… 


Do you want to be a certified image or design consultant?  Do you think you have what it takes to carve a niche in this industry?  The most satisfying work always come from doing what you enjoy and dream of.  Célèbre Image is dedicated to support you throughout your professional learning and development 


Here at Célèbre Image, we help you to discover and uncover the hidden and unpolished talent in you. 


Célèbre Image continuously work to further strengthen our pools of resources and international exposures for students and associates through various collaboration with recognised foreign universities and institutes of higher learning. 


Our courses offer students the opportunity to make substantive contributions, professionally or conceptually, to the image design and consulting industry.  


The syllabus combines intensive campus- based projects and learning to provide students with a strong background not only in their respective field but also in business management, marketing public relation to broaden their understanding of fashion as well as business and management skills. 


Our programmes equip students with the ability and necessary skills to confront real-world challenges and ever-changing trends in the fashion industry while developing their capabilities not only as outstanding image consultants or entrepreneurs but also as engaged global citizens. 


At Célèbre Image, education is more than defining and moulding an individual. Join us today and be a part of our success story. 









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