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Célèbre Image has been empowering creative minds for the last one and a half decades.


Founded in 2002, Célèbre Image is Malaysia’s first modelling and image management institute. Our services range from offering expertise and advice on personal and business image branding to the procurement of professional image consultants through our various programmes and training courses.


Célèbre Image has metamorphosed into one of the industry leaders that offers and develops courses with a pulse on the needs of the entire spectrum of the industry and its related fields. We ensure that we are able to complement the industry we cater to by having the correct professionals, equipment and skills to spearhead growth, innovative ideas and social development.


We always welcome the opportunity to work with both local and foreign professionals in the industry as well as local and foreign institutions of higher learning so that we are able to provide training, education and services on par with changing times and people. 

We specialise in creating avenues to strengthen personal image and presentation in each individual, helping them to achieve their personal best as well as developing skills that will allow them to reach their personal goals.  

We are more than an institute offering basic professional courses. We cultivate individuals’ inner and external aptitude and capability.  We prepare our students to be confidence, wellequipped and outstanding in their chosen fields so that the training they have with us can be transformed into fulfilling and successful careers. 



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