The Importance of Visual Identities

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  1. Looking your best is crucial because most of us will never get the second chance to make a first impression
  2. Most of us make assumptions based on what we see.  As such, your clothes, your face or your overall presentation will communicate the message of who you are and what you want 
  3. Personal visual identity is similar to what branding is to products and services.
  4. For a company, its corporate image relies heavily on the individuals that make up the company.  It is therefore important for each individual to reflect the company’s corporate image at all times, at the best possible way. 
  5. It is said that image is made up of 55% looks, 38% behaviour and 7% choice of words. Hence, portraying the right image at the right time on the right person is fundamental to one’s first step towards success. 
  6. Strong visual identification can do the talking for you and your business, giving it a quicker boost than words or any other qualifications. 







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