Why A Career In Image Consulting / Management ?

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(a) Image consulting is one of the fasted growing businesses in today’s service industry. Rising awareness about image results in many people wanting to improve not only their physical appearance but the overall image they present. Many are willing to pay to save them from image anxiety, time and effort. As such, the potential is enormous.
(b) Image consulting will always be the IN thing as people are increasingly aware and care about how they look, to themselves and to others.
(c) Everybody cares about their appearance and the they relentlessly seek out the knowledge and assistance that can enhance that.
(d) An image consultant can be a life-long career as people know that image stands ahead of looks – body movements, body language, makeup, clothes – are all that will affect the person you want to portray.
(e) The work of image consultants is important and exclusive, that is why they can charge a high price especially those that offer all-round advice.
(f) The broad-ranging fashion industry offers a multitude of career options such as the luxury, design-based or image management industry, to name a few. You don’t get bored or become stagnant as the market is so expandable to offer the personal and professional growth many crave.
(g) A degree in this field offers individuals professional and recognised qualification that is in line with their career objectives and choices
(h) Individuals are exposed to the wonders of the fashion industry, design and creativity, visual culture and the opportunity to develop and promote individualities. It is fun, challenging and fascinating every time.
(i) A career that gives personal fulfillment.  You can use your passion, knowledge, skills and creativity to improve and enhance the lives of so many people. You can also see the results of your work and reap the satisfaction.
That is why in Célèbre Image we teach beyond the basic image consulting skills which can only take you so far in your career. We equip our students with practice-based skills and knowledge, thus improving their competitiveness and market value. Image consulting is no longer the private domain of women. Men too nowadays want to look groomed and stylish. The market is tremendously huge! 






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