Why Us?

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  1. Célèbre Image offers a conducive study environment that is can inspire creativity or innovative ideas.  The school is light, trendy and study-friendly without the usual trappings of the traditional places of academic learning.
  2. Our practical section or "workplace” is light, well-equipped and trendy where students can work, interact and react, where they are inspired.  It is also an avenue for students and instructors to interact within the study environment.
  3. Our classes are led by qualified professionals in their respective fields. This ensures our curriculum is appropriately designed and structured to the up-to-date needs of the market.
  4. Our quality approach to image consulting training enables our students to possess marketable skills which can be used as the stepping stone in their career horizons; skills which can last for a lifetime.
  5. We have a flexible fee payment system which allows student flexible options to pay their school fees (based on case to case basis). Additionally, we also offer scholarships to deserving and qualified students which covers their education right to Taiwan.  
  6. We provide students with the necessary coursework and training which will give them an understanding of the industry. We understand that it is extremely difficult to establish a strong career in this field if you do not have the prerequisites or foundation training. 
  7. Besides learning basic skills and knowledge, students can also learn skills outside the classroom which are crucial to their career later on.  These include transferable skills, how to handle tight deadlines, working collaboratively and independently, develop good presentational and analytical skills, business management acumen, etc.
  8. We expose you to new trends and successful businesses moving between fashion, image consulting and designing industries across all segments.
  9. Célèbre Image’s programmes are more than just training courses or workshops.  Our experts, equipment and training experience will equip you with an all-round perspective on the best practices in image consulting to meet today’s rising demands in the fashion industry.
  10. Célèbre Image is one of the few image consulting companies offering a comprehensive package of image consulting skills; not only the regular make-up and hairdressing courses but much more than that. We also encourage personal branding and individuality in our approaches.
  11. Students who wish to stay in dormitory can also apply to the school.  These are allocated based on the distance between the school and their registered residence.
  12. Our courses flexibility allows students the opportunity to choose their own field of interest or expertise. 









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