Fashion Fashion Styling Master (VTO) Styling Master (VTO)

Fashion Styling Master (VTO) Fashion Styling Master (VTO) Fashion Styling Master (VTO)


30 M O N T H S

Course Introduction

Based on Celebre, which is a college certified by the Malaysian Institute of Technical Education, this course is the most complete academic plan for image design instructors. The goal is to become a lecturer in this field and one of the instructors certified by the Malaysian Technical Institute JPK.
Modern society is called the age of image. A good image not only enhances personal value and self-confidence, but is also a weapon for success. In the past, image design has been considered to be exclusive to politicians or entertainers and models; however, with economic development and the popularization of information, image designers have become the most popular industry.
For workers in the fashion and beauty industry, whether they are makeup artists, hairstylists, or fashion designers, they no longer just stand still in terms of technology, but have upgraded to the overall matching level of image designers, which is to combine their original aesthetic attainments. , upgrade to building a personal brand, creating a high degree of personalization, and creating personal IP positioning.

This course is the most complete academic plan for image design lecturers. The goal is to become a lecturer in this field and one of the lecturers certified by the Malaysian Technology Council JPK. From the beginning of the course to internship, students are ensured to be well-equipped to meet the needs of the market. The course arrangement emphasizes how to achieve the integration of beautiful makeup, hair and clothing, which is the most complete technical skill for fashion workers to shape their image. The teaching content includes three major sections: makeup and hair technology + commercial styling + clothing image.

Makeup and hair technology category + the commercial styling category highlight practicality, application, and graphic creative design capabilities.

Students can independently analyze and complete the overall styling work of various characters, and provide professional, comprehensive and innovative thinking for film and television crews, TV stations, fashion magazines, models, brides, production companies, makeup schools and other fields.

Clothing image category highlights the creative personality, comprehensive care, and overall matching design capabilities of fashion workers. Students can operate in areas other than character modeling and carry out more extensive clothing matching design work. Develop more opportunities for the hottest new markets in today’s era, such as major enterprises, fashion buyers, fashion brands, crew photography, publicity and production companies, image studios, hair salons, and makeup as image coaches.

Employment Prospects

Makeup and Hairstyling Techniques
Cosmetics counter/wedding photo studio/personal studio/advertising company/photography company/styling agency/makeup school/graphic design/makeup brand/T stage/model/TV station/film and television crew/photography company/fashion show makeup artist or hairstylist

Wedding Dress Industry
Self-care bridal stylist, wedding consultant, wedding photography stylist, bridal shop stylist

Film and Television Industry
Advertising stylist, photography stylist, runway stylist, model agency stylist, TV station stylist, film and television crew stylist

Performing Arts
Performance production stylist, publicity company stylist, stage entertainment stylist, modeling company stylist.

Clothing Industry
High-end image design studio, private image consultant for high-end people, boutique clothing consultant, fashion brand buyer, personal image consultant, corporate image lecturer, makeup school image design lecturer, fashion photography studio, model company, film crew, artist and other institutions as image Designer, makeup company trainer, hair salon hairstylist, beauty blogger, KOL, Youtuber

International Lecturer
Makeup and hairstyling technology, wedding industry, film and television industry, performance industry, clothing industry, enterprises, private lecturers

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TQUK,Training Qualifications UK

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