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Course Introduction

Modern society is called the age of image. A good image not only enhances personal value and self-confidence, but is also a weapon for success. In the past, image design has been considered to be exclusive to politicians or entertainers and models; however, with economic development and the popularization of information, image designers have become the most popular industry.

For workers in the fashion and beauty industry, whether they are makeup artists, hairstylists, or fashion designers, they no longer just stand still in terms of technology, but have upgraded to the overall matching level of image designers, which is to combine their original aesthetic attainments. , upgrade to building a personal brand, creating a high degree of personalization, and creating personal IP positioning.

This course aims to establish your image scientific rule system, including clothing color diagnosis and positioning, clothing fabric color matching, makeup color matching, face shape adjustment and hair dyeing.
The course also includes the use of international image consultant color rules PCCS human body color rules, human body color positioning, training of human body color diagnosis technology, and color diagnosis principles and methods. We also learn the PCA color diagnosis consulting service process, including providing practical service skills processes and practical demonstrations, and providing guidance on color matching methods to customers.

Employment Prospects

High-end image design studio
Private image consultant for high-end people
Boutique clothing consultant
Fashion brand buyer
Personal image consultant
Corporate image lecturer
Makeup school image design instructor
Served as image designer for fashion photography studios, model companies, film crews, artists and other institutions
Makeup company trainer
hair salon hair stylist
Beauty bloggers, KOLs, Youtubers

Learning Content

Beginner Clothing Colors
Introduction to PCCS Color Basics
A successful image depends on the correct use of 10,000,000 colors. Therefore, before designers can control colors, they must have a set of tools and systems—PCCS International Color Matching System. This course is a starting point course. Mainly highlighting scientificity, practicality and application, the learning content includes color impression, color DNA, color language, practical life colors and basic identification.

PCCS international color matching
This course introduces PCCS color matching ideas such as hue matching, tone matching, value matching, purity matching, achromatic color matching, achromatic color matching and colored matching, gradient color matching, repeated color matching, accent color matching, isolation color matching, etc., allowing designers to have the ability to Colors play into various sensual combinations.

Character impression color matching
This course provides a series of various clothing, shoes and bags, makeup, and hair colors based on the occasion, time, identity, and temperament to achieve the creative feeling the designer wants to express.

Mid-level Clothing Colors
PCCS human body color positioning
This course begins to enter the first core part of PCCS technology. Through this course, designers can advance to become masters of color control. The course looks at our color direction for Asians over the past 40 years. These data are derived from consumption data of Eastern and Western fashion.

PCCS human body color diagnosis
This course advances the second core part of PCCS technology, letting the tools do the talking for you to find your personal color code. The course uses the color cloth tool to diagnose the customer’s color direction, including hue, lightness, purity, contrast, tone, etc.

PCCS image color application
This course advances the third core part of PCCS technology to help customers solve the long-term problems of spending money, wasting time, and buying the wrong things due to lack of color use, such as clothing color + hair color + makeup color + jewelry color + shoe bag Color + gloss and other color rules.

High-end Clothing Colors
PCA character impression color matching
This course will use the customer’s soul color to catch other people’s eyes within 0.38 seconds and make full use of color to interpret the customer’s unique temperament. In this course, you will learn the image design PCA system and the color matching method that fully considers the customer’s background, identity, culture, age, occupation, and position.

PCA creates a practical overall color matching report
This course will teach you how to make image PCA COLOR MOODBOARD by making actual image color reports for high-end people, private image consultants, corporate training, high-end image design studios, boutique clothing stores, fashion brand buyers, makeup schools, fashion photography studios , model companies, film crews, artists and other institutions.

PCA professional image and color consultant professional consultation and guidance
This course will learn the entire COACHING process of PCA color consultants, provide online and offline professional consulting services and obtain fees. The course includes detailed procedures such as manners, language, consultative sales, and professional ethics.

Certificate of Graduation



• RM9,000

Academic Process

• 1 month

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